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Cake Pricing and Information




Basic Flavors

Vanilla                               Chocolate                       Strawberry

Yellow                                Red Velvet                      Lemon

Marble                               Chocolate Chip             Double Chocolate Chip


Premium Flavors These are some of my favorites.  Just ask if you don’t see yours!****

Black and White chocolate brownie texture with a thick ribbon of cheesecake middle

Carrot Cake with walnuts or pecans or without 

Chocolate Banana Swirl moist banana cake swirled with chocolate

Hummingbird moist yellow cake with banana and pineapple  

Strawberry Supreme white cake with fresh strawberries, coconut, and pecans        

White Chocolate Pound rich, buttery, and “chocolaty”


Shape Cakes - Add $ 1.00 per inch of cake (Ex. For an 8” cake add $ 8.00)

Sheet Cakes – See below (Ex. For a ¼ sheet, single-layer cake add $ 9.00)


Frostings and Fillings***

Requests welcome

Basic Frostings

White Buttercream          Chocolate Buttercream          Whipped Dairy

Premium Frostings        Add $ .25 per serving/$ 5 minimum

White Chocolate             Cream Cheese                         Ganache

Basic Fillings                 Add $ .25 per serving/$ 5 minimum

Real fruit preserves


Peanut Butter Buttercream
Mint Buttercream
Cream Cheese icing

Premium Fillings           Add $ .50 per serving/$ 5 minimum

Caramel buttercream
Dark, milk, or white chocolate ganache
Fresh berries and mousse
Peanut Butter mousse
Lemon or Lime curd
Lemon mousse
Strawberry cream cheese
Cookies and cream
Raspberry mousse
Andes Mint buttercream
Peanut Butter Cup buttercream


Additional fees will apply for elaborate decorating or flowers. 


Single-Layer Sheet Cake

Chose a basic cake flavor and frosting.  Premium cake flavors and frostings are available for an additional charge.  *Single-layer cake slices are approximately 1.5" X 2" X 3".

Quarter Sheet     9X13                       36  servings                       30

Third Sheet          11X15                      50  servings                       45

Half Sheet         12X18                   72  servings                    60

Double-Layer Sheet Cake

Chose a basic cake flavor and frosting.  Premium cake flavors, frostings, and fillings are available for an additional charge.  **Double-layer cake slices are approximately 1.5" X 2" X 5".


Quarter Sheet     9X13                      36 servings                          50

Third Sheet         11X15                      50 servings                          70

Half Sheet        12 X18                      72 servings                          90


Round or Square Single* or Double-Layer Cakes**   

Chose a basic cake flavor and frosting.  Premium cake flavors, frostings, and fillings are available for an additional charge.   Additional shapes are available.  

              Size                          Servings        Single                    Double

 6 inch - round, square      (10, 10)             -                           $  20, 20

 8 inch - round, square      (20, 20)         $  25, 25                  $  30, 35

 9 inch - round only            (24)               $  30                        $  40 

10 inch - round, square     (28, 30)         $  35, 35                  $  42, 45 

12 inch - round, square     (40, 48)         $  40, 50                  $  50, 65

14 inch - round, square     (63, 63)         $  50, 55                  $  70, 80

16 inch - round, square     (77, 80)         $  55, 70                  $  80, 95



Chose a basic cake flavor and frosting.  Premium cake flavors, frostings, and fillings are available for an additional charge. 


Three dozen (minimum order)    $   36


Character and Custom Cakes Many pans are available or I can customize a cake based on a theme.  A price will be given after details are discussed and finalized.


Four-Layer Torte Cakes available at an additional charge for party cakes


Baked Goods   requests welcome


Delivery available for an additional charge



Wedding Cake


General Cake Pricing

It is impossible to quote an exact price, as each cake is customized for the individual. In general, basic buttercream tiered cakes start at $2.50/serving and basic fondant tiered cakes start at $3.00/serving…. prices go up according to flavors and designs.  Wedding cake slices are torted with four layers of cake and three layers of filling.  The minimum wedding cake order is $200.  An event date is not put on my calendar until a $100 or a 50% deposit is paid, and cannot be guaranteed until then, even if we have previously discussed your cake.  This deposit goes toward your balance when we finalize. This deposit plus any expenses already incurred are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Flavor and design detail need to be finalized three weeks prior to your event. The remaining unpaid balance is also due at that time.  Payment options include cash, credit card via PayPal, or check.



Consultations and Tastings

Consultations and tastings are offered by appointment only for Wedding Cake Clients and Special Event Cakes with 100 or more servings. For these larger events, the consultation, along with a chef's choice tasting and a client's choice tasting is $25, payable in advance.  I cannot offer consultations for cakes under 100 servings.    For those that prefer a tasting but do not meet the 100 serving minimum, I offer an 8" round homestyle iced tasting cake for $25.00. The 8" tasting cake will serve at least 16 and is the perfect size to share with anyone involved in the planning process.  Most preliminary discussion, including confirming the availability of dates, general design, and pricing can be done via e-mail or telephone. E-mail is ideal for sharing inspiration pieces, design ideas, and photographs. Please contact me for any additional questions regarding consultations and tastings.  My contact information is (248)886-1616 and


Equipment and Delivery Fees

Equipment fees vary.  Specifics will be discussed at the consultation.  The delivery/set up fee is $ 1.00 per mile round trip or a $ 25 minimum.




***All ingredients may be stored in close proximity to peanuts and/or tree nuts, and almond extract is used in some of the cakes, icings and fillings.  Please inform me of any food allergies before ordering a cake.  If allergies are severe, I may request that you sign a waiver before filling your cake order.

No alcoholic requests please. 

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